Walter Jenkins ~ Knowledge v. Intuition

It was the day before my epic cross-country road trip when my friend, Sean Portier, called me practically jumping through the phone concerning a scientist named Walter Jenkins. As he told me the story about Walt creating a car that ran almost entirely on water, my curiosity peaked. When he went into detail about how he then snubbed a substantial monetary buyout from big oil money, I knew I was adding a stop on my adventure. The connections were made and we set out for Anna Maria Island, Florida. 

As soon as I arrived, I knew that I was onto something big. At first appearance, Walt seems like an ordinary man, living an ordinary life. Yet the energy surrounding him suggested something different. I immediately sensed he was capable of transforming the world. 

Walt was never aware that he was destined to be a groundbreaking scientist. In fact, He went to school to be a film director. When that got old, he turned to his second passion: the science of alternative energy. At an age when most people are considering retirement, Walt was considering a major career change into a field which he had virtually no formal training. He was defying every law set by the frivolous standards of society. And he didn’t think twice. 

Which, from my perspective, is exactly why he succeeded where others fell short. Without anyone telling him what could or could not be done, he was able to move outside the boxed-in paradigm of modern science. His results were beyond extraordinary. 

This is his story. 

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