I am an entrepreneur. I run a successful marketing company that I started one year ago.

Hence, my agenda has been super glued to my side- 50 million things to do written across the week’s outline- filled to maximum capacity- dozen’s of people counting on me for dozens of important matters. Event deadlines, project due dates, product releases, and other time sensitive information spread across my desk that no one else is responsible for, but me. There is never a break. Nothing can wait. Action is required. In such a tight schedule, there is little space for flexibility.

I’ve been living life like it’s a checklist.

As a result, a certain mood started to invade my home. 

The mood of busyness. Time scarcity. Not enough. Disconnect. I got so caught up in doing stuff in the world, I forget who I was being. Who I want to be is a writer, a person with freedom and flexibility to be spontaneous etc. … but instead, I was being a work-obsessed maniac. 

So my questions became; how do I continue to live my life at such a high level, and also create more space in my day, more freedom for myself? If I want to be a full time writer, I have to let something go. But what? 

What I didn’t see then, was how much my mood was holding me back.

Then this morning I got let go from a huge account.

As a result, huge space was instantly created in my life: without me doing anything. 

I had been handling the account in excellence, crossing my t’s. But energetically I had let go- I was already doing investigative work- running the numbers on how I could work less and still pay the bills.

Then I had this great idea for my novel.

Then I got really excited. 

I knew I had to let go of this large account. I spoke about my idea out loud at dinner that night. I declared to quit the account. I no longer cared about losing the money. I saw how much freedom I had to gain. My mood shifted.

The very next day, I got an email that the client was letting me go! Not even a single day of major transition. The universe took care of my dirty work and I got to flow right into my declaration. Almost no effort involved.

The element of the story I want to stress is the mood, which gave my vision room to grow naturally. 

The power of intention is much more effective if your mood supports your intention.

When I made my declaration, I didn’t write a checklist for it. I didn’t start to pile more work on my desk. Busy work did not support me having less busy work. The mood didn’t align. 

Instead, I was grateful. I was open. My mood was confident. Creative. Energized. 

When I thought about it, I didn’t drop my head into my hands and think, “When will I ever have time to figure out my next business move, I am not getting anything done!?” 

I fantasized about it as if it were real. I fell in love with the idea. I knew it could be a reality. And that it could be a simple transition. 

And as my resistance dropped, my vision was able to rise. 

Our mood creates the landscape of our individual worlds. And our personal worlds’ interact to create one big world. And if we are conscious of the mood we create, the presence we bring, the importance of our purpose, then maybe the world could be a more peaceful place.

What mood are you bringing to your life? What mood is blanketing the world? 

How are you responsible?

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