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“A New Perspective” Interviews Series

Director’s Note: A few years ago, I discovered that my entire conception of reality has been constructed by how I perceive myself. I perceive myself based on what my senses tell me; what I see, touch, smell, taste and hear. Every day since my birth, I have been collecting data through my senses. I have also been collecting ideas; point of views; perceptions about how the world works. In turn, I perceive myself as knowing reality, when all I actually know is how I personally view reality. There is no such thing as The Truth. Hence, the key to my happiness, peace, manifestations, and miracles all stem from my point of view. In contrast, fears, unrest, abuse and bad luck also are born from perception.

These interviews reflect the perceptions of master teachers. These teachers range from artists, scientists, musicians, spiritual gurus and others who have seemingly mastered an area of their life. Each interview reveals how their perspective allowed them to become the ruler of their realities rather than a victim of their circumstances. They show us that the external world reflects our thinking. That we have authored the narrative of our lives. The world is a projection of who we are as human beings. Hence, we hold the power to dissolve every seeming conflict we have created, by choosing to apply a new perspective.

The teachers FAB selects are neither perfect, nor do they hold the answers to The Truth; which can only be discovered within the walls of your own heart. They are meant to guide us in a new direction. They offer new perspectives. It is the application of these teachings, that create new possibilities for transforming your life and the world. – Kyla Rae

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Traveling is a Fly Away Bluebird recommended practice for exploring new perspectives. Kyla is currently exploring the world, actively studying the link between perspective and “reality.” Interviewing brilliant teachers is only part of the experience… Follow Fly Away Bluebird around the world in this photo and video journey.