Fly Away Bluebird is dedicated to freeing the world, by exploring our perception of the world. 

Obsessed with political theory, social movements, and finding the most effective way to experience freedom, founder, Kyla Rae Walstad has spent the past ten years traveling the world, studying the link between perception and reality.

FAB Media intends to question such reality. As quantum physics suggests, what we call “reality” is being altered through our very observation of it. Hence, reality is different for each person. Hence, reality, as we know it, isn’t real

Your values, beliefs, history, and stories all contribute to your worldview- to your perception- to your freedom- or to your prison. And not just in theory- in practice. When you see the world as brutal, it becomes brutal. It has to be- even if nothing brutal is actually happening. When you see the world as joyous, it’s joyous. The world is what you say it is. 

Therefore, when you question yourself, you create possibilities to change your circumstances. To author the narrative of your life. And in a larger sense, the narrative of your society.

How do your thoughts, your perceptions, your internal worldview, shape the external world around you? Is there a connection between how you perceive the world, and how the world perceives you in return?

If the world is a projection of our thoughts, then we hold the power to dissolve every conflict we’ve constructed, by choosing to apply a new perspective. the Perspective Interview Series is a collection of unique thinkers who share insight to these questions, revealing the power of perception. Interviewees rang from philosophers, artists, coaches, politicians, scientists, musicians, gurus, and others who have seemingly mastered the art of freedom. 

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Kyla Rae is also a certified Ontological Coach through Ideal Coaching Global. She currently studies with master coaches Bettie J. Spruill, Dr. Ray Blanchard, and Joe Tedesco. She studied Constitutional and Political Theory at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction and non-fiction, music, media, and traveling planet Earth.