I graduated! I am officially an Ontological Business and Life Coach thanks to Ideal Coaching Mexico. The past 10 months have taken incredible commitment. I flew to Mexico City five times.  I trusted, I cried, I broke down, I stood up, I broke down, I stood up, I collided with my ego, and then, by a miracle, I flew.

My first time in Mexico City was the most extraordinary experience. I didn’t know what to expect.  The media portrays a side of Mexico that frightens most people away…  But what I predominantly found, was one of the richest cultures on the planet.  The people are overly generous, the men such gentlemen, the women so loving and wise, the architecture unbelievably grand…  Like a kid on a playground, I fell in love with every new discovery.

Now, 10 months later,  I see a whole new possibility for our two countries.  These people are our neighbors.  The large majority of them are not criminals. They have families, they work hard, they love fiercely.  Like all countries they have challenges to overcome.  Guess what, America? So do we. But what I have realized, is as long as fear is driving me, I am controlled by that fear.  Love is a different kind of power. It gives as much as it receives.  Fear only takes, controls, obliterates. 

And so I ask myself,  why shouldn’t we be partners?  Why build up walls when we can have an ally?  Why choose war when we can choose peace?

It won’t be easy.  There are huge obstacles to triumph over.  I am not asking for a quick fix.  I am asking you to open your heart. I am asking you to believe that anything is possible through love.  LOVE is the answer.  At the core of every religion, this is the message.  Even those who don’t believe in God, often believe in love…  and to me,  they are one and the same. 

What I have witnessed,  is the first step towards resolving any problem,  is the power of love.  And not some touchy-feely BS kind of love.  I am talking about Love in Action.  I mean actually being the change you want to see in the world, not just posting cute quotes it on Facebook.  I am talking about knocking on your own neighbors door and getting to know them- no matter their skin color, no matter their religion or sexual preference. 

We all live here, in the UNITED states America, what we call a free country.  Are you really committed to that freedom? Because it’s not a given right.  Look around the world…  freedom has to be STOOD for, by the people, for the people. And in this country, we said that people, meant ALL people.  So let yourself be free to be yourself- whatever your opinion on this matter is- GREAT.  But let your neighbor be free to BE themselves too.  That is how freedom and change is created.  Not by the governments down, but by the people, up.  

I want to thank my Mexican brothers and sisters, for teaching me this profound lesson.  For giving me one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life.  You are always by my side. 

And to Master Coach, Bettie Spruill— thank you for making all of this possible.  For being the space for infinite possibilities, seeing each person’s greatness, as well as, the power of the whole.  You are love— pure of heart— a true gift to the planet. Thank you. 

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