Nancy Bjork’s philosophy simply states that what we think about is what we become. 

Let’s say your life takes place in a garden. 

If you think tomatoes are delicious, you will likely want to grow tomatoes. You will first need to tend to the soil. You will till the soil and you will add organic matter to the soil. You can then plant the tomato seeds in the soil. The sun will give the tomato nutrients and you will water the seeds to help them grow. After much thought and attentive action, you can finally eat the ripened tomatoes. 

But without the thought, “I love tomatoes,” you will never take the action to plant them. You might grow strawberries or pumpkins or star fruit. The point is, your thoughts lead to your actions and your actions become your results. And if you feed the soil, the soil will feed your creations and your creations will feed you. 

This is the cycle of life. You can see the same pattern in every aspect of nature. Everything is perfectly balanced in a give and receive relationship. Everything has a purpose and a place in the chain of life. 

Take a look at Alaska. 

Every year, millions of Salmon travel thousands of miles to spawn the next generation. Without the safety of the river, the salmon would have no where to lay their eggs. And if not for the salmon’s infeasible journey upstream, the bears wouldn’t have enough food to keep them warm through brutal Alaskan winters. If not for the bears, the soil would be deprived of the leftover salmon dinners, leaving no nutrients to feed the trees. And without the trees, the entire forest vanishes, taking everything with it.

Nature lives to give. Life is passed on by the death of another. Sustainability, therefore, depends on each aspect of the earth playing out its unique role. 

So the question becomes, what is the role of the human? What is our purpose in the chain of creation? Who do we provide life to? And what will happen if we refuse to play our part? 

As Ma says, “if we take care of the earth, the earth will take care of us.” We have this incredible ability to create beyond our means, as well as, the powerful potential to perceive all that has already been created. We can appreciate the sacrifice of the salmon. Be grateful for the bear. We do more than merely exist for the sake of existing. We innovate. We fabricate. We can see a challenge and discover a solution. We can see beauty and reproduce it. Art and science and poetry and philosophy all come from our incredible human qualities to SEE beyond what our eyes show us. The potential of the entire planet is our capacity to perceive. And through our eyes, the earth can look back at itself. 

What will you plant in your garden? What will you choose to grow? To nourish? To create? It all starts with a single thought.

Think wisely.

Haiku Tuesday ~ Vision
Haiku Tuesday

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