The simplest way to live an extraordinary life, is to decide that your life is extraordinary. By choosing to experience your life this way, your life becomes as you interpret it to be.

When you let go of chasing the perfect life, it becomes obvious your life has been perfect from day one. That every moment has led you to this moment. Every conversation was necessary to the development of your person and your wisdom. Every red light, every flat tire, every wrong turn was actually guiding you down the perfect path. Teaching you how to play the game of life. Learning and unlearning. Doing and undoing.

Acknowledgment of a natural flow in life allows the mind to stop worrying, chasing and doubting. Something seems to be guiding you, making sure you experience certain experiences, people and locations. Everyone’s path is different, but only when we look at the content; the car you drive, the house you live in, the person you chose to marry or not marry, the circumstances and the fortune. But the context is always the same; we are all conscious beings and we are living. We each have a unique role, in the same play.

So whatever role you have in this life, learn to master it. If you are a waitress, an athlete, a mechanic, a mom- become the best version of it. Master the routine of your day by being present to each task’s purpose. When you fold the laundry, wash the dishes, cook food- go slowly. Appreciate the motion and the dance of your day.

Notice when your mind is saying, “I need to hurry and get this done, I have so much to do.” There is no time to hurry. There is only this moment, only this one task to complete. If you complete this task in excellence, the next task is more likely to pursue smoothly. Your day develops a rhythm and a purpose. Your mind becomes quiet and peaceful. When you can maintain this quiet peace throughout all of your daily tasks, you have mastered your role.

When you act as though your current life as extraordinary, no matter what your current life looks like, you allow extraordinary results to show up. You accept that something is guiding you while also accepting that your world is subject to how you perceive it. In the natural flux of co-creation, things you desire come easily.

If you are in complete integrity with what you say you want in life, your vision will manifest. Universal Laws (the laws that keep the cosmic galaxy in place) are always with integrity. If these laws were out of integrity for even an instant, life would end. The source of this perfect universe gave birth to you and thus it gave birth to your vision. When you can tap into this eternal source and flow naturally with its currents, your life, and every life, is extraordinary.

Walter Jenkins ~ Knowledge v. Intuition
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