One of the principle teachings of A Course in Miracles is that you are the Light of the World. You alone can transform the world, because you created the world. And you are powerful enough to have created the world, because you are an extension of God. 

Some people get really worked up when I share this perception. The ego- especially the religious ego- immediately calls blasphemy. That’s because the ego believes you are small and worthless and a sinner and a coward or whatever it is your particular ego likes to call you. And the religious ego cries only God can save you… and only if you admit you are a sinner.

But here’s the thing: sin is also of the ego. And therefore, sin isn’t real. Sin is simply a book of rules scrolled by fearful man, passed down through generations, embedded deeply into cultures and then taken as truth. But let’s follow the logic of that truth. The Bible also says: 

God is all there is.

God is all powerful.

God has only One Son. 

God is the Father of All.

If God is all there is, then hell cannot exist- actually, nothing else can exist. Either you’re not real or God’s not real. If God is real, either I am a part of God or I don’t exist. 

If God is also all powerful, then sin, the devil, and hell are all powerless and should be regarded as monsters under the bed. 

If God has only One Son, and if God is the father of all, then God is my father. 

And if God is all that exists and I exist, then I must be The Son of God. 

It’s pretty simple logic. To some people, it’s meaningless logic, (If you don’t believe in God, I am not here to tell you that you’re wrong.) To other people, this is an extremely empowering perception because it frees you from the belief that you are somehow separate from creation and doomed to be punished for eternity. But to the ego, this can be a very dangerous concept, because the ego interprets the Son of God as special

It’s very different to say “I am God” than to say “I am your God.” The ego hears the word One and forgets that we are All One. 

And so I arrive at my point: I experience clever egos as taking this potentially freeing idea and using it to manipulate others. Which is exactly what I believe happened to the original teachings of the Bible… We heard the Truth, we saw the power of the Truth, and then someone decided to capitalize on the Truth. And in order to capitalize on the Truth, that someone said that Jesus was special, that he was the One Son, and all of us are sinners. But Jesus washed the feet of sinners. Jesus said religion was greedy and corrupt. Jesus said Love is the only way because Love is all there is. God is all that exists so God is love and God is in you and therefore you are love

So here is a secret: If you think you are a guru, you’re not. If you think your ego has vanished, you’re lying to yourself. Stop telling people what they should do and stop thinking your special- you are just like everyone else- a simple and beautiful extension of life. 

Which means vise versa, if you are following a guru, and they are telling you what to do, stop listening. If you think this guru is leading you somewhere, like they are the key to your happiness; get ready to be disappointed. There are no such thing as gurus, because there is nothing outside of you. The inner guru is the only voice you need hear to know the Truth, because you are the Truth. 

And I know you are the Truth. Which is why I know there is nothing special about me that allows me to save you. That I have access to the Truth and you have been denied. Because I don’t claim to know the truth– I claim to be the Truth. I claim we are all the Truth.

I do not claim to be a guru… Because I still forget on a regular basis that my brother’s and sister’s are perfect, whole and complete. Because when I forget, I am deceitful, lazy, depressing and over analytical. I like to throw tantra tantrums when things don’t go my way. My heart still aches when I perceive loss and I still beat myself up over mistakes I thought I made years ago. I am not anyone’s guru… but my own. 

God will use my own mistakes to show me who I really am. She/he/it will lead me through my breakdowns and wait in infinite patience for me to break through. For the moments when I realize that I am not my sins, my past, my addictions, or my stories. For the brief seconds when I wholly forgive myself for shame and guilt and fear. For the days that I recognize I am beyond words, religions, symbols and cultures. For the moments I know that God is my only guru and God lives in my heart and only there can I find my answers. 

But my answers are not your answers, and I share them only to inspire you to look within yourself. 

So what is your truth- are you a miracle or are you a sinner?

How You Can Change The World 
Leonardo da Vinci