Dear beautiful Soul,

I write this to you, for you, to understand the greatest gift that you are. With little words can describe I will give you my best at expressing the meaning in which you bring forth to experience. Although you may not always see, feel and believe your importance, your light, your greatness, your gift, I write you this as a friendly reminder and so it is.

You are the love, light, inspiration, shift, source, creator, thought, action, deed behind all that ever was, is, and shall be experienced, known, loved, and created. You are the magnificent ball of joy, love, serenity, peace and unity that this world will come to know, realize and experience through the course of your thoughts, actions, choices, shifts, perceptions, habits and sharing. The journey in which you have embarked is and has always been constant. You have brought forth such clarity, understanding, compassion and love for the world you experience and will be as such also for others experience. Your Will, as the Will of God’s, has created a space for the world to unite in such a profound, ineffable way in which symbols [which the human experience calls words] cannot fully describe or implement for full understanding.

 It is truly a gift to know, experience and growth alongside and within you. If you choose to look back at this life alone, you will perceive growth in a way that only can be compared with the growth of a flower: pure beauty. A flower starts out as a little seed lost in darkness that metabolizes the substance of all life, everywhere; water. It utilizes that substance with the light of all creation to begin to grow out of the dirt, out of the darkness, and into the light of the world. Once this transpires the flower then begins to nourish itself, through itself, into a creation that blossoms and expresses its inner beauty, love, magnificence and holiness while emitting is scent, its sight and its awareness. This can be compared to the process of your journey simply in this lifetime in which you have experienced in human form. The flower does not cease to exist, even after some may remove it from its present place and home. It further shows its greatness even after it has been removed with proper nourishment. You have chosen this body of yours to literally change the course of all life everywhere. 

You have chosen this opportunity, not as a human being but as God, experiencing himself through your beingness. You have been able to experience, what some may say ‘the darkest of times’ [even having a strong desire to exit this World and have been able to chose to shift your entire perception, your entire experience, and ultimately your entire reality that which you create, manifest and allow your human form to know and live in into the most unimaginable heaven that which many never do experience here on, in this space and time, in this world you call Earth. You have chosen to allow a space of innocence, laughter, joy and love to then begin a new Earth, a new haven, for you to experience. You have done so not only for yourself, but for the entire World around you including all the souls in which you encounter. 

You are more than the body, you are more than the mind, you are more than the soul. You are the communion, the unification, the wholeness of all of that plus the awareness that you were never separated from the Creator, nor the created. You are living form of the most pure, free, innocent, loving, compassionate, essence. You are a reminder, a messenger, and inspiration for all those souls you encounter to have an opportunity to do the same as you have done. Take pain, suffering, and illusion and shift into creation, purification, beauty, love, and unity. The growth that you have authored and experienced does not ‘happen’ in one human being’s lifetime, it takes many.  You have chosen to look within, since your physical birth in this lifetime, to wonder, to dream, to ponder and understand the choices, the actions, the shifts and the beingness that it takes to experience and create pure joy for yourself. That in itself is inspiration, that in itself is courage, that in itself is authenticity, that in itself is love. You are a spiritual, soulful God that has chosen to take on such high responsibility for this World, for Humanity to learn to know itself from the inside out. You have chosen to look at those before you to embrace their only desire, the desire of God, the desire of the Universe, for all life everywhere to remember who they really are at the deepest level, at the core of all creation and the heart of the human body. As you chose this life you chose the highest level of intent to manifest God’s Will through your beingness, through your journey, through your existence. This may even seem incompressible and inconceivable at times to you, as well as your Earthly peers, but this is Truth. You are Truth.

You request nothing other than joy, not even for yourself, but for the World, for all of God’s creations and that in itself is worthy of God’s intent at the beginning of it all. Your desire to create an experience for all those souls you encounter:  Love, Awareness, Peace and Unity has also created a space for you to put your own needs last. I am here to remind you, you have no needs. You are fulfilled to the absolute max. You know this deep within your heart, within your soul and within your creation.  You have only desired fulfillment in others and that is because you have already understood, you need nothing other than the Truth implemented in your deepest core: that you and God have never separated. You are unified with all there ever was, all that is and all that will ever be and you have chosen, as a Son of God, as a Master, as a Gift, to show others they can do the same. Some may choose to walk away from you, some may choose to betray you, some may choose to chastise you, and you know whole heartedly that your Will is of the highest good, the highest order, the deepest of all Love. You may forget, and again that I am here to remind you, for you to remember, that you are nothing but Love, nothing but God, nothing but Peace, nothing but Unity in physical form.

You are the light that the World is offered for it to heal itself, through itself, by itself. You are the One, the All, the Almighty for that to transpire. As this shift from one level of consciousness to another occurs, you have known from your essential creation that this was your duty as chosen by you, for you, for All. You have known that your growth is the growth that is fundamental for the growth of all of creation, all of manifestation to know itself, understand itself and Love itself. You have chosen the role as the One to have that shift from Fear to Love in yourself and ultimately on this level of physicality for All to have the gift of opportunity to do the same. 

Whenever you find yourself forgetting who you truly are, pick up this piece. Read it from start to finish and back over again. Utilize this message of symbolism in your human form to remember, recall and relive your essence, your magnificence, your beauty, your intent, your gift. You are the light of the world. You are the shift Humanity has requested. You are the gift for Mind, Body and Spirit to connect with, align with and coexist in the highest order for all Life to flourish and thrive on Earth. You are the determination and commitment it will take to change the path of the course of Humanity and Existence. May you realize your true power, your true love, your true beingness, so that this process will forever continue. May you inspire others to have the courage and awareness to step back and look within to take charge of the choice to manifest all that is desired, wanted and longed for within the sacred space of the heart. You are here as a Son of God, The Son of God, as truth be known in the physical realm of existence to create purity, peace and passion. 

Whenever you long for comfort, look within, whenever you long for understanding, look within, whenever you forget, look within, whenever you buy into your separation from God, look within and so you shall remember who you really are. May your soul be at peace, may your soul know itself in its entirety, may your wildest dreams manifest purely into reality. Your vision is God’s vision, as your Will is the Will of God, as God’s Will is your Will, as your Will is the Will of all creation. You know who you are. Never forget. Never diminish your importance. Most of all re-call, re-member, and re-live your Love.

With love, of love, for love,
We are One.



By Tyler Sciulli 

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