When I look into the heart of Ghana,
I see Joy.
I see fierce leaders,
Humble beginnings,
And a magnificent now.

Where we lift the world from the ashes,
Breath, life into the masses.
Who will be brave enough
To give their hands?

Lead us to the promised land?
A place inside your Self.
Where God replaces doubt,
Breaks you from your shell,
And now your voice can shout.

Hold your head up high,
There is no room for guilt, hypocrisy or lies.
To be my authentic self,
I can no longer hide.

Because the light in me,
Will guide someone else.
Create the space to step
Into their greatness.

But first, I must be courageous.
Let go of unworthy conversations.
Because when I limit my mind,
I limit the Divine.

Now God’s paradise is compromised,
War, attack, famine, rape,
Are the prices that we pay,
When I pretend to be ok
With the way others play the game.

Will I use my voice?
Or be a victim to my shame?
Let the devil make my choice?
Or represent God’s name.

So today I lay bad dreams aside,
Where death & hate & fear abide.
Today I choose to recognize,
I am the result of a powerful intention.

Perfect, whole, complete,
And free of circumstances.
Today I say I am Somebody,
Today I say I am.

Because, when I look into the heart of Ghana,
I see that anything is possible,
And that is the purpose
Of the Stand.

Joe Tedesco ~ Part 1 ~ The Conscious Creator
Tilicho Lake