Part 1 ~ The Conscious Creator 

For several years, Joe Tedesco has been my friend and mentor. He was an obvious choice for the first Fly Away Bluebird interview because 1. his perspective is perceivably brilliant and 2. he absolutely loves empowering people to be the conscious creators of their lives.

Which is also why I started working with him. Some time ago, we were sitting in a late-night diner discussing Universal Law, when he said something that literally took TNT to a belief I had been sitting on for twenty years. My epiphany wasn’t that I was yet again wrong about something- but that I had been recklessly re-creating a certain event in my life over and over, and I wasn’t even consciously aware I believed in this belief… As the dust settled around me, only one thought stood in my mind; Joe Tedesco should be teaching this to a much larger audience

I saw Joe again a few days later and approached him with my idea for a workshop rooted in Universal Law and the concept of the conscious creator. He agreed with one condition. Joe would only teach the course, if I produced it.

Since that fated choice, Joe and I have been traveling the United States, presenting an incredibly powerful workshop on the art of mastering manifestation. Joe is what I consider a master manifesto. He speaks and inspiration starts to stir around him: a curious energy that invites possibility. 

By believing in Joe’s dream, I attracted a career where I get to watch people’s dreams spring to life on a regular basis. Where visionaries realize who they are and thinkers commit to action. Where the celebration of our differences is understood in the realization that we are all One. And what I have found is that no matter the person, their background, their culture, their stories– the universal thread that keeps us connected is love. Essentially, love for the Creator, creation and creating. And when we are conscious of what we are creating, we can literally create anything we desire.

These are some of the lessons I’ve learned from Joe Tedesco. I honor and thank him for sharing space with Fly Away Bluebird. Please share your own insights in the comments below. 

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