Casandra Tanenbaum is Queen of the Flow State. 

I admittedly forged this title myself, so let me explain what I mean.

Watching Casandra work is like watching a classical ballerina perform brain surgery. Not only is she always making complicated tasks look incredibly simple, but she implements them with a grace and beauty that mystifies me. No matter the degree of intensity, she is certain, enthusiastic and seemingly in love with every moving moment. 

For this reason I dub Casandra, Queen of the Flow State. 

The Flow State is a place where life becomes a perfect sequence of seconds, where you are so connected to every action, that life flows as effortlessly as the climax of ecstasy.

Think of the one thing that makes time stop for you. You love it so much that everything else seems to disappear from your vision, your perception, your awareness. All the problems and circumstances of your life melt away. You are so present, so focused, so alive that you don’t notice your phone ringing, the knock at the door, the nagging of your ego. In the face of your joy, challenges are easily overcome and you excel quickly. 

You have been transported to the flow state. 

The flow state, like everything, is accessed through the mind. Learning to blend mind with body is normally how one enters the flow state- although as Casandra points out, it can also be achieved in variety of other ways. The more usual methods involve activities that allow for increasing challenge with increasing ability, ultimately resulting in effortless euphoria. 

For example, I am a dancer and writer- I easily enter the flow state through these domains. As I’ve grown older, I slowly have moved away from dancing and drawn towards the written word. I am thinking about mastering yoga next.

What makes you flow

To learn more about this powerfully awesome state of mind, check out Casandra’s Florida Flow Fest: Click Here

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