You got soul, baby.

Fire in the kitchen.

Melodies and harmonies skipping across my tongue

Like Socrates with a loaded gun.

Boom, Boom, baby,

And then you shot me down.

Burned constellations across my universe

Mapped my body like the sea

Called out my name

And brought me to my knees.

So shake it baby,

And out we’ll drift towards the great unknown,

Hand in hand like a poet’s prose

singing lullabies to a moonlit road.

Passing time with dragonflies and magic carpet rides,

Because I believe baby,

Wherever your imagination wants to take me,

However your music wants to shape me,

I am your canvass,

An old guitar,

A leather strap,

A foot to tap,

Light my fire and watch me dance.

Move through you like a Caribbean thunderstorm

Wild and unrehearsed

Inspirations dropping like anchors from the sky

Pull you up and make you mine,

See the world from the other side.

So give me wings baby,

Let’s make this revolution fly.

Give the music to the people,

Change the world with whatever we can find,

Improve on a shoe string

Make magic from a moon beam,

Because baby,

There’s no need to dream when we can just be

No reason to sleep when we can be freed

No justification to replicate

When God gave us a voice to recreate,

Find that perfect note,

Give the humble hope,

Because we all got ears baby,

And you got soul.

Teachings from Rumi
Koi Fish