The entire world shifted,

So that you could be here:

Slicing. Dicing. Waxing you like a koi fish.

A blink.

An eye-ball opening and closing, one time,

Only to recede into dust.

Fairies dancing like trail mix caught on fire.

Touchstones of foroget-me-nots and ho-hos.

Life. Passing you by?

Open up to the reality of yourself.

Bliss on shoe strings laced together like a wedding dress.

Kiss it all goodbye.

You care for none of it.

Your sold on tomorrows–

cash in on today.

Zombies walking in anguished fields of dead.

Nameless victims to the Man.

Hitler smiles on the evening news.

Heroic clapping unleashes.

You want only sad stories.

You want only blood and violence

A mirror of your twisted insides,

spilling out over the streets of Hollywood.

Cast iron judges of talent.

Mind blocks to the creative.

One by one,

Ideas lined on the fence posts

Shot down by bullets of lies.

Socrates Gun
Lesson 24: I do not perceive my own best interests.