Once again, I packed my bags, sold almost everything I owned and departed for my next grand adventure. The coast to coast road trip started in Delray Beach, Florida, where I threw a massive going away party with the band Franklin Manor. It was a beautiful celebration with my Florida family. The next morning I set out for Key West on the southernmost tip of the United States. In the keys I found a plethora of talented musicians, hippie wonderers and the second most unique night scene I ever witnessed. While camping in Gennie Springs, I lost my cat, Salam, and spent eight hours in the dark forest chasing after him. We decided to drive six hours out of our way to Savannah, Georgia to see the “Forest Gump” bench that had been removed years ago… Luckily the food and the jazz were incredible. Outside a bar in Nashville, I mastered my Elvis Presley impersonation and danced to country music for the first time in years. Franklin Manor played two great shows in Colorado and I got to spend Christmas with my family. New Year’s Eve was spent playing cards in a New Mexico casino. We arrived in Santa Barbara, California the next day. I got out of the car to touch the ocean and immediately saw  a dolphin pod playing right next to the docks. Home, sweet, home. 


Teachings from Rumi