Josh Toms, a geometrical and magnetic researcher from Colorado, has a house full of inventions that could keep me occupied for days. If science isn’t your thing, you can enjoy his sacred-geometry art collection. He will tell you how each shape is a reflection of the center. A mirrored image of the original- just like perception. Perception is simply a device we use to reflect our own center. We create circumstances, experiences and relationships that reflect who we are inside. How you perceive the world indicates how you perceive yourself. In fact, every experience in your life was created by you, for you to experience yourself. Therefore, Josh believes we can create our world by aligning our emotions, feelings and mind. 

One of the most powerful tools of the mind is language. How you speak determines a vast amount of your life circumstances, from the house you live in to the person you married. At some point you spoke every detail of your life into existence. It’s as simple as accepting a raise or saying yes to a blind date. How you speak to your broker will determine what you pay for the house. How you speak to your date will weigh into the chances of having a second date. Language is shaping your life.

Have you ever noticed that whatever you don’t want to happen, often happens? For example, I often hear people say, “I don’t want to be broke anymore. I am just so unhappy.” And the next day they are saying the same thing. When you don’t want something to happen, you are always looking for it to happen. Watching your back. 

And from a magnet’s perspective; opposites attract. What you don’t want to happen, manifests right into your lap. 

It’s possible that replacing certain words in your language could replace circumstances in your life and create opportunities in your future. One of my most powerful teachings came from a 30 day stretch where I stopped complaining. First, I realized how much I complain. Then I realized how trivial the things I complained about were. Suddenly I had nothing to complain about. 

And now, science is backing concept with study. The laws of the that uphold the universe uphold our lives. They uphold the both the secrecy of our soul and the martial world we experience. It’s why gravity always works and the sky never falls. It’s why new life is able to expand the generations and old souls can leave in peace. 

And when you add the knowingness of co-creation, you realize you play a part in the actual creation of the universe. You can take responsibility for your actions and also responsibility for the Now. You have the opportunity to see your world matters. Your life matters. And what you create with your life matters. 

The secret is language. Start declaring what you want in your life and in the world. Be a stand for your own abundance and your own happiness. Notice how your words effect the things around you. How your life makes a wake in the lives you encounter. You are powerful far beyond your circumstances and your stories. 

If you were to author your own life, what would you write? Who would you be? What would you create. What would you leave behind? 

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