I first met Bettie Spruill while attending a leadership program in Delray Beach, Florida. What captured me most was her steadiness. Her logic has an ease to it. She possesses the rare ability to transform incredibly compound theory into a few simple metaphors.

I particularly appreciate her thoughts on co-creation. 

There are 7.1 billion people living on the planet. 7.1 billion lives being played out at this moment. Since you started reading this blog, four people were born. Two people died. Somewhere nations are rioting.  Somewhere new nations are being built. Someone is losing their soul mate. Someone is becoming a mother. 7.1 billion people, each living remarkably unique lives and experiences, on this tiny planet, creating one collective experience.

We live, and as we live, we create. And through our creations, each one of us expands the consciousness of the human race.

Leonardo DI Vinci created the Mona Lisa, the parachute, the first humanoid robot. Galileo invented the telescope. Tim Berners Lee broke the code to accessible internet. They passed down their knowledge and furthered the next generation’s ability to understand the world around us. 

So how do we “live and work and play and love together?” Perhaps the first step is recognizing ourselves as a crucial piece to the creative solution of our world’s main concerns. It doesn’t matter where you came from, who your parents are, what socioeconomic standing you posses. You are the missing link to world peace. 

Some people go to college and become professionals. Some people create businesses. Other people create art. Other’s become parents. You don’t have to be Einstein to contribute to the planet’s evolution. It is enough to be steady. It is enough to be kind. It is enough to be you. 

As Bettie says, “No two people have the same eyeballs.” We all see the world differently. And as we perceive the world, we create the world. Perceive yourself as peaceful and you will see a world at peace. 

So my answer to this question is simple; we live and work and play on this planet, by loving this planet. By being the change we want to see in the world, we don’t become a catchy Gandhi slogan. We become individuals with a favorable context for change. We focus our creative efforts on people, places, and things that give way to incredible innovation. We give back to society. We bridge the gaps of separation. We step into our greatness. 

Find out more about Bettie Spruill at  OntologicalLiving.com

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