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Fly Away Bluebird, at its most fundamental level, is a blog dedicated to extending the experience of freedom.

My first glimpse of freedom came to me through the story told to me by Christopher DeSanti, about an old Indian Swami who had dedicated his life to understanding enlightenment. The Swami believed that he needed to live in a cave and remain in deep meditation in order to connect to God. He thought he was required to pass certain tests and prove his worthiness in order to find peace. He had been taught that life was suffering and in order to escape, he must leave everything he knew behind.

One day the Swami had an awakening. He realized that something gave birth to his perception of enlightenment. He understood that he was connected to God everywhere he went and he was already worthy of God’s love. He knew that his natural state, prior to birth, was still there: observing the perceptions he made up about it. The eternal source that connects us all, was alive within his spirit. The Swami immediately went to his teacher and fell to his knees in gratitude. “How can I repay you,” he asked?

“Go back to the world and sing praises to God,” his teacher replied.

And so, the Swami woke every morning with the dawn and began to sing. People came from all over the land to hear the beautiful praises. The people sat and asked the Swami questions about non-duality and enlightenment. One day a clever man came to sit with the Swami. He asked, “If we are all one and separation is an illusion, why do you sing praises to God every morning? Are you not creating separation? Are you not fooling us all?”

The Swami was quiet a moment, and then asked the man, “why do the birds sing?”

A simple question. A simple answer. Birds sing because they are free to sing. Free from all perspectives that would keep them from singing. Free from all preconceived notions about what singing represents. Free from anyone to tell them what they should be doing instead. Birds sing simply because they are an expression of the all and the all is joyous. What else would birds do?

These are some of the lessons I’ve learned from Christopher DeSanti. I honor and thank him for sharing space with Fly Away Bluebird. Please share your own insights in the comments below. 

Tilicho Lake
Lesson 55 ~ I am determined to see things differently.