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Haiku Tuesdays… Express, explore, evolve your perspective. Write a 5-7-5 Haiku in the comments below.

In this high place it is as simple as this, leave everything you know behind. Step toward the cold surface, say the old prayer of rough love and open both arms.  Those who come with empty hands will stare into the lake astonished there, in the cold light reflecting pure snow the true shape of your own face. ~David Whyte

When I look into the heart of Ghana, I see Joy. I see fierce leaders, Humble beginnings, And a magnificent now. Where we lift the world from the ashes, Breath, life into the masses. Who will be brave enough To give their hands? Lead us to the promised land? A place inside your Self. Where God replaces doubt, Breaks you from your shell, And now your voice can shout. Hold your head up high, There is no room for guilt…