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Haiku Tuesday. Write a poem, pass it on. Syllables: 5-7-5 

Haiku Tuesdays… Express, explore, evolve your perspective. Write a 5-7-5 Haiku in the comments below.

In this high place it is as simple as this, leave everything you know behind. Step toward the cold surface, say the old prayer of rough love and open both arms.  Those who come with empty hands will stare into the lake astonished there, in the cold light reflecting pure snow the true shape of your own face. ~David Whyte

“This is my simple religion, There is no need for temples No need for complicated philosophies, My brain and my heart are my temples, My philosophy is kindness.” ~ Dalai Lama

Today I am attempting to stare Into my soul. The authentic me. The daughter of God. Who knew? Yet, every once in a while, I feel a sudden and angry kick from my ego. Lashing out in a defiant stand for misery. My stupid fucking ego. How the hell did I ever trade my throne for scraps Of useless junk? It’s almost humorous. But then again….   There is nothing really funny about Starving children sleeping in dumpsters And crying…