Today I am attempting to stare

Into my soul.

The authentic me.

The daughter of God.

Who knew?

Yet, every once in a while,

I feel a sudden and angry kick from my ego.

Lashing out in a defiant stand for misery.

My stupid fucking ego.

How the hell did I ever trade my throne for scraps

Of useless junk?

It’s almost humorous.

But then again….


There is nothing really funny about

Starving children sleeping in dumpsters

And crying for love.


There is nothing really funny about

Single mothers getting high to get by

While spreading their wings to another dying day.


And what’s funny about endless war and rape and

Slaughter houses for the living,

The breathing.

The innocent angles of Now.


What are you doing with your life?


Because they All, are the reason I have dedicated today

To Soul Searching.

This day, to magnificent miracles.

To forgetting tomorrow

And forgiving yesterday.


The choice is so simple,

And yet so bright for twisted minds.

It’s like exposing the blind to the sun.

Like pulling the dead from their shadowy graves.

And Yet…


Just when I think we are about to lose this war.

The second I wave white flags in surrender

From the balcony of the highest tower,

And hang my head in certain defeat,


Someone turns

On, Suddenly

Bursting into sun sparks and star dust,

Like a child’s infinite imagination

Exploding up across the universe in a fit of Joy,

Of Possibility.


A diamond pulled from the rough;

Set out to sparkle for the first time in centuries.

Centuries of hate,

Of Anger,





Broken Promises

And Torn Down Dreams.


It’s hard to judge the dammed

When gazing out from heaven,

When all you know is love, all you see is love.

When all you know is pain, all you see is pain,

And so the broken game plays on.


But eventually,

You will hit rock bottom.

You will have suffered enough.

And that is where I am waiting.

Waiting for your true self to open your eyes

From a lifetime of silly nightmares

And into the Light that has finally come.


So hear my cry,

I am a confirmed rebel.

Black wings singing ancient praises

To the beautiful Unknown.

Because if you replace dark with Light,

There would never have been a war to fight.

And that’s the side I play on.

Because when the Great Teacher said there was only One God,

He was right.

For Who could rule but Love?

Mind is the Master Power
My Religion