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Haiku Tuesday – Write a poem, pass it on. Syllables 5-7-5.‪#‎haikutuesday‬ ‪#‎poetrylives‬ ‪#‎fab‬ ‪#‎exploreyourperspective‬

I am an entrepreneur. I run a successful marketing company that I started one year ago. Hence, my agenda has been super glued to my side- 50 million things to do written across the week’s outline- filled to maximum capacity- dozen’s of people counting on me for dozens of important matters. Event deadlines, project due dates, product releases, and other time sensitive information spread across my desk that no one else is responsible for, but me. There is never a…

Haiku Tuesday! Poetry is good for the soul. Write a haiku today- pass it on. Syllables: 5-7-5 ‪  

Write a poem, pass it on. Syllables: 5-7-5  #poetrylives

Haiku Tuesday. Write a poem, pass it on. Syllables: 5-7-5  #poetrylives

My journey to Costa Rica took me from San Jose to a small backpacker town deep in the Caribbean rainforest. I lived in Puerto Viejo for over a year when I was in my early 20’s, bar tending at Tasty Waves Cantina (aka the best surf bar in the world) and making authentic Costa Rican chocolate at Echo Books. It was an adventure beyond description and being back felt like less than a day had passed by. I arrived at my…

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